How to wear a turkey costume in Washington, D.C.

There’s a tradition of dressing up in costumes for Halloween, but there’s a new trend as well.

And you’re not alone.

In a new blog post titled “How to Dress Up in a Turkey Costume,” the D.E.C.’s costume department posted photos of people dressed up as turkeys, all with a wink to the nation’s Halloween tradition.

The D.P.R.H.C., an organization that advocates for the welfare of animals, posted a similar post on Facebook titled “Turkey Halloween Costume Week: A New Trend.”

In the post, DPHRHC member Mary L. Johnson wrote, “It’s time to take the fun out of Halloween!

There’s something so cool about being able to take a picture of your favorite animal with a turkey mask on and share it on Facebook.”

D.E., which runs the Washington D.CEc, said that the new costume trend began after a group of students went to the DDC in December, which is when the costume trend started.

The D.D.C.-based D.HCLC said that it also had a tradition in the 1920s of dressing animals up for Halloween.

The post from the DPDRHHC also included images of people wearing costumes, including one woman who wore a turkeys head and the rest of her outfit with a turkish headband.

A D.ROHC representative said that there are several other costume trends around the country, including the “turkish-style” dress, and that it is “always fun to see someone dressed up in a turkin costume.”

The group also posted a video showing people dressed as horses and a horse dressed as a person.