‘No place is too far for a goat’: Goat owner on how to deal with a goat outbreak

Montana tourist parks are getting rid of the goats that have been a nuisance at tourist attractions around the country.

The Montana State Parks Association announced on Monday that it will remove the goats from all parks in Montana in order to “protect the safety of the public and our guests”.

The announcement came a day after the Montana Bureau of Land Management said it had found that “an outbreak of H5N8 in Yellowstone National Park has impacted wildlife and wildlife habitat in that park”.

The Montana Department of Fish and Game says there are currently about 4,000 goats roaming Yellowstone.

It’s not clear why the goats were introduced to the park.

“It’s a big issue in the park,” said Mike Miller, director of the state parks association.

“We’ve got a lot of different species that are here and we’re having issues with them.”

Miller said he was surprised the goats started spreading.

“There’s no reason for it.

We don’t know why they’re here,” he said.”

They’re not wild animals.

They’re animals that live in Yellowstone, they live there and they’re coming into the park.”

Miller told ABC News that Yellowstone’s goats have been causing problems in the state park for decades.

“You know, we’ve been using them for everything from hay bales to fording the river,” he explained.

“We used to have the water buffalo, and we use them for that as well.”

The Yellowstone goats are a big problem in our parks.

They just don’t want to come in.

“The Montana state parks department has issued a list of proposed changes to reduce the spread of the disease, including removing goats from public parks and restricting the use of the animals at tourist destinations.

The department has said the goats will be relocated to a different park in Montana and will be euthanased if they’re not removed.

Montana State parks superintendent Rick Gant said in a statement the department is “committed to working collaboratively with the Montana Department and local stakeholders” to find a solution.”

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However, we are committed to working cooperatively with Montana Department, local stakeholders and the public to find an appropriate resolution.”

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