How to buy tickets to Disney World and Disneyland using crypto coins

American tourists will have to pay up to $500 to visit the Disney parks in the U.S., including the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, before the parks begin accepting crypto-currency payments.

This is in addition to the $50 to $300 annual Disney passes which can be used to visit all parks.

The first two days of the new 2017 season, Disney is offering the first of its crypto-only passes at $10 a day, but only to American tourists, not Canadians.

The Disney-owned theme parks will continue to accept bitcoin, however, and guests are allowed to buy crypto-coins with cash, Visa or MasterCard.

The new season of the parks starts on May 25.

CoinFox, the cryptocurrency specialist that is running the park’s sale, said the park has about 10 million visitors each year.

It has a total of about 2.8 million bitcoin transactions.

This week, CoinFox is offering another $1,000 in tokens to help pay for the new season, Coin Fox said.

The token sale starts May 5, Coinfox said.

CoinFox also said the tokens will be redeemable for tokens on the Disney ticketing system, Disney Pass, or Disney Vacation Club.

The park will also have a “virtual” ticketing program for the first time in its history, CoinFOX said.

Coin Fox has about 50 employees and is based in Washington, D.C. Coinfox has been offering tokens for years.

It said it plans to roll out more of these token offerings throughout the season, but it said this year is the first.

It plans to launch an app on the App Store, a new website and more, Coin FOX said.

“The crypto-token tokens will enable people to buy tokens for the upcoming season, with the hope that we can increase our capacity for token sales in the future,” CoinFox said in a blog post.

According to CoinFox data, the Disney resort has sold more than 1.2 million tickets to Americans this year.

This includes 2.4 million tickets from Americans, including Disney Pass.

There are also about 2 million tickets for the Disney Vacations Club, which includes the resort and about 500,000 tickets from the resort.

The resort has also sold about 3 million tickets, with another 3 million from Canadians, including the Disneyland Resort, which has its own website.

Disney, which owns both parks, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Disney also has an annual ticket sales system that allows people to purchase tickets on a smartphone or computer.

The price of the tickets varies from place to place.

A $5,000 purchase is $10, and a $25,000 reservation is $50.

There is a cap on the number of tickets that can be purchased per person per day.