Japan: Tokyo’s best places to explore after Trump

Japan has made great strides since President Donald Trump was elected last year.

He’s a tough negotiator who has successfully pressured the world’s biggest economy to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure and a host of other projects.

But while the country is slowly regaining its standing, many Japanese residents worry about their future, even as the government promises to keep a low profile.

A series of high-profile suicides has hit the country hard.

Its economy is slowing.

Its population is shrinking, as more young people have left to seek better-paying jobs overseas.

And many fear that a new generation of young people will be less likely to join the workforce if the country’s economy falters.

And the specter of terrorism has also kept many citizens from visiting their home towns, making their lives more difficult.

The Trump administration, for its part, has promised a tough approach to the threat of terrorism.

And it has made it a priority to bolster Japanese security and national security.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.