“I had a bit of a scare” when a man threw a bucket of ice at my camera at the Seattle Times

By Sarah E. JohnsonSeattle Times reporter Sarah E Johnson writes that she has spent the past two years in the Seattle area filming tourist attractions and exploring new places for herself and her family.

In March, she and her husband, David, took a three-day excursion to the Botanical Gardens of the Pacific Northwest and the Botanic Gardens of Northern California.

We had a wonderful time.

But as we drove home on the freeway, I caught a glimpse of a man with a bucket filled with ice who had thrown a bucket at the back of my car, sending shards of ice flying through the air.

I was just trying to capture the beauty of this place.

David and I were both terrified and just didn’t know what to do.

We called the police.

It was a horrible scene.

But the police did not arrest the man, and the man was not charged.

So I wrote a blog post and sent out a call to the Seattle Police Department, telling them what had happened.

It got to the point where they were looking into it.

They said they had interviewed him and were waiting for an official report.

I am not saying this was the most egregious case, because I don’t think the Seattle police should have arrested the man.

They could have made a report to the state or city attorney, or they could have done something else.

But I felt like the fact that they didn’t make a report is indicative of a culture that has become more lax and more lax with the laws around the city.

I think we are now seeing a rise in incidents like this, especially with more and more tourists and tourists groups.

It was really scary, but I had a good experience.

I’m sure I’ll go back and capture more of the things I’ve seen, and hopefully I’ll be able to tell some stories.

It’s hard to be in the city and experience things that aren’t supposed to be there.

And I don,t think I’m alone.

Seattle Times’ Katie Ledecky reports from the Seattle Botanical Garden.

The Seattle Times’ Sarah E, Johnson reports from Botanic Garden in Seattle.