Why we hate tourists

A new study by The Atlantic magazine has revealed that most people are “very unhappy” about the fact that tourists are visiting their countries, and that a lot of them think that tourists’ visits are costing the country too much. 

The article also notes that many people who visit are not the ones who pay the prices for those products, and they are not doing the work to earn money. 

In fact, The Atlantic notes that the majority of those tourists who visit don’t have to pay a penny for their trip, instead they just go and “borrow” some of those products. 

A large part of the problem is that many tourists want to get to the countries of their choice and the majority have no desire to work for the wages required to get there. 

Many of those countries are also countries where the tourism industry is struggling, as the article notes. 

Touring is a good way to see the world, but not as a job for everyone. 

When you take away the cost of doing the trip and give them the opportunity to go on an adventure, the trip will be better.

The Atlantic article is a great read, and you should check it out for more information on this topic. 

This article was originally published on The Atlantic’s Travel section, but it has been updated with more information. 

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