How to get an all-day tour of the world with this crazy tourist tax

Tourist trap is a term coined by the media in the US to describe a scam in which a tourist is charged for a day or so spent with an overseas tourist or a group of tourists.

In reality, however, this is a scam designed to make the tourist feel more financially secure by selling them a package of a day’s accommodation and a souvenir, which are all included in the package.

It’s a scam, but one that doesn’t require much planning or knowledge of the customs laws.

If you have already booked a day in a foreign country and want to spend a day there, it’s possible to avoid the tourist tax by agreeing to be a guest.

However, the tourist trap doesn’t have to be one of the most expensive tours in the world.

There are many other options for a single day.

For example, there’s a day of camping in Thailand.

A day in Australia can cost up to $25AUD (approximately £16) and a day on a yacht can run up to a few hundred dollars (around £70).

The main thing to remember when booking a tourist trap tour is that it’s all about the money.

We’ve listed some of the cheapest options on the websites of some of Australia’s best hotels and tour operators.

You can book a day and stay with your favourite travellers on an air-conditioned tour of Australia.

Day one of a tour of an Australian hotel with your friends.

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