Berkshires: Tourists on the hunt for the best places to eat in New Zealand

Berkshire Island is a serene, remote island in the middle of a volcanic island, but for tourists who want to indulge in some local food, the closest restaurant is about three hours away.

A trip to Berkshimber, a popular beachside spot for locals and tourists, takes about two and a half hours, according to the Berkshims website.

Berkshimmers’ favourite restaurants on the island are the beachfront Berkshums, with its red-and-gold sand dunes and turquoise waters, and the traditional restaurant, which features a wooden-paneled table and a variety of traditional local dishes.

The traditional menu includes “kapu”, a local sweet and sour sauce, and a traditional kiwi with sweet and tart sauce.

For more information on Berkshmers and other restaurants in New England, go to or visit New Zealand’s largest tourist attraction is the capital city of Wellington.

Wellington is home to some of New Zealands most famous landmarks, such as the city’s historic cathedral, Wellington Cathedral, the New Zealand Parliament, and Wellington Harbour.

There are also some of the world’s best beachfront cafes, which offer a good selection of local and international food.

Visit the capital of New South Wales for more information.