How to get a job in Alaska

As the job market in Alaska approaches its winter vacation peak, visitors and job seekers alike are struggling to find employment.

While Alaska tourism has been in steady decline for years, it’s the winter season that has brought more people to the state.

According to data released this week by the Department of Labor, Alaska had a total of 4,836,878 jobs available as of March 31, compared to 4,639,826 in March 2016.

That’s a decrease of more than 7,000 jobs, but it’s still higher than in any other state.

Alaska Tourism Association president Scott Noll says there are plenty of jobs in the tourism industry, but many people aren’t even looking for them.

“It’s not like we’re really getting out of a job right now.

I’m pretty optimistic that there are a lot of jobs available in tourism, but there’s not a lot coming in right now,” Noll said.

That’s because Alaska is in the midst of the worst recession in the country.

Many businesses have closed and many of the state’s jobs are being replaced by temporary positions.

But there are still plenty of job opportunities in Alaska.

Here’s how to find one.1.

Work at a theme park or aquarium or water parkAlaska has many attractions that are popular in their own right.

But the theme parks and aquariums and water parks are also full of jobs.

Here are the top jobs in Alaska for 2016:Alaska Adventurer’s Association president Lisa DeSantis says the unemployment rate in Alaska is higher than the national average, so you should consider it when looking for work.

“There are a number of jobs that are open and available, and I would be very surprised if that rate doesn’t rise over the next couple of weeks,” DeSantes said.

DeSantis said the biggest job growth in Alaska in recent years has been at the Alaska Adventurer Experience, a four-day, $2,500-per-person experience that runs through January 2019.

She says this is a trend that will continue through the summer.

“We’ve been very fortunate to see that we have a number people coming in to work, and that the unemployment is very low,” De Santis said.

Some of the biggest attractions in Alaska are the Alaskan Museum of History and Culture and the Alaska National Memorial Museum.

Both of those have openings for seasonal positions.

DeSants says there’s a chance that a seasonal job could open in Alaska during the summer months.2.

Get a part-time job at a hotelAlaska’s tourism industry is dependent on people staying in the state, which means a lot more people will be staying in hotels than they are staying in restaurants and bars.

The hotel industry in Alaska has experienced a sharp downturn, especially during the last recession.

In 2016, hotel occupancy rates in Alaska dipped below 50 percent for the first time since 2005.

Noll said the tourism sector is still struggling to get back to pre-recession levels.

“Alaska is not the economic powerhouse that it once was, and there are things that are happening that have to do with the economic recovery that are impacting the tourism economy in Alaska,” Nell said.

“It’s a challenging time.”

But Nell says the tourism boom in Alaska could be one reason why the unemployment rates are so low in Alaska compared to other states.

“I think it’s an issue of, you know, we’ve had a good economy in the past few years, but the economy is so dependent on tourism that we’ve just got to figure out how to get more people back into the hotels,” Nill said.

“And that will require an enormous amount of investment.”