How many US visas are there in Canada?

Canada has about 5 million visa holders, but it’s unclear how many are American.

In a 2015 Globe and Mail report, it estimated that Canada had about 9,400 American visa holders living in the country, about the same number as it had in the first quarter of 2018.

It noted that Canadian visa holders can obtain work permits, including work permits for medical or tourism jobs, and that there are some 5,500 people with dual US and Canadian citizenship.

“The total number of US visas issued to Canadians has grown in recent years and is expected to grow even more in the coming years,” the Globe and Magazine reported.

“Some American workers can get permanent residency status by virtue of the Trump administration’s immigration policy, which permits people to be granted permanent residency for three years.”

There are also dual US/Canadian citizens who have dual citizenship, but they are not eligible for a visa.

For example, a dual Canadian citizen with a US-Canadian spouse who has lived in Canada for at least three years and has worked for at the same company for at or below minimum wage and with at least two Canadian-born employees could apply for a dual US visa.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce, about 1.2 million US and Canada workers are eligible for permanent residency.

The group also noted that there were about 2,300 dual Canadian nationals living in Canada, and about 1,000 US citizens.

“It’s a big country, and it’s growing,” said Jennifer J. Ruhlman, director of the Center for Global Migration at the Center.

“There’s an increasing number of people with a Canadian passport who are able to work here legally, but the reality is there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the process.”

A spokesperson for Immigration and Refugee Board Canada said that it is “working with the Canadian authorities to resolve the issue of dual Canadian citizenship.”