Travellers to Mexico in summer 2018: ‘We have a lot to learn’

Travellers will be able to travel to Mexico and Central America in the coming months, but they will not be the first to do so.

Tourism Minister David Murray has announced that the country will welcome visitors in summer with its first ever holiday package, the “Travellers in Summer”.

This year, the first trip to the country by an Australian tourist will take place in the country’s capital, Mexico City, starting on May 2.

The package will be accompanied by a number of other benefits, including a new national holiday package with some of the countrys most popular destinations.

Among the attractions to be included in the package are the famous Mexicali tourist resort, the legendary San Cristobal waterfall, and the renowned Tulum National Park.

“The Mexicalías capital, Tulum, has been attracting thousands of tourists to Mexico every year for more than 30 years,” Mr Murray said in a statement.

“With the opening of a new tourism package in 2019, the tourism industry is once again going to the next level.”

Traveller information:Visit the Tourism Authority of Mexico website for more information.