How to get around the tourist attractions in Honduras

HONDURAS – Tourism operators say the economic downturn has created new opportunities for the country’s tourist industry and tourism workers have made a comeback.

Tourist arrivals rose 3.6% in the first quarter of the year to 8,800, but many of the tourists who did come have left because of a lack of jobs and other economic problems.

The number of tourists visiting Honduras has dropped sharply over the past few years, with the number of visits down by almost 40% since the global financial crisis hit.

The country’s tourism sector employs around 80,000 people, but it’s seen its revenue shrink by around 20% since 2015.

“Honduras tourism is a big industry.

We have many different sectors,” said Fernando Lago, a tourism adviser with the countrys Ministry of Tourism.

“There’s a lot of tourism, a lot more than we had in the past.”

I think it’s the combination of a good economy, good people, and the fact that the government has stepped in and taken over and made sure that we’re safe,” he said.

It’s not going to be the next bubble,” he added. “

The government needs to take the long view and focus on tourism.

It’s not going to be the next bubble,” he added.

Many of the people who do come are locals who want to spend time with their families.

Lago said the government is working on a plan to make the country more accessible to tourists.

Honduran Tourism Minister Jose Guzmán is trying to boost tourism revenue.

Guzmáriz recently said he’s trying to convince people to spend more on vacations.

He said tourism is the backbone of the economy.

“If you look at tourism, it is not just about tourism.

Tourism is a service that provides jobs, it provides services that help the local people, it also supports the local economy,” he told local radio station AMVN in June.

“We need to improve tourism and tourism is our future.”

The tourism sector in Honduras is a major export for the tourism industry, which has a turnover of around $10 billion.

But the country still has a lot to improve in terms of the job opportunities available, Lago told ABC News.

Lagos said the number one challenge is the lack of tourism education.

In Honduras, we have very limited information, we don’t have any official sources of information, so people are not educated,” he explained.”

We need a lot in terms to get the people educated and get them to understand what’s going on.