How a Dutch-Australian tourist family will be able to visit the world’s best museums and galleries

Visitors will soon be able see some of the world.

The Dutch-American family of five has already been to the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

They have visited more than 80 countries and will be visiting more in the next year.

The five, who were born and raised in the United States, spent two years in Australia in 2008 and 2009 and plan to visit New Zealand in November.

They are also planning to visit Japan in December.

In their new home, they plan to buy a house in the Netherlands.

The family had originally planned to settle in Melbourne, but they have now settled in the Dutch capital of Rotterdam, near Amsterdam.

“We are looking forward to living and working in a new place and seeing the world,” said Paul Van de Woude, a lawyer who works in the office of Dutch tourist board member Rijksmuseum.

He is in charge of organising the Dutch tourist activities.

“We want to explore the new world.

It’s the best opportunity to get to know people from different countries.”

Tourists will be allowed to bring their own food, wine and souvenirs into the Netherlands from the country.

There are plans to introduce a Dutch food festival.

“It is important to have an experience like this in a way that is sustainable, that is enjoyable and that is interesting,” said Rijs Mijs, who is the executive director of the Dutch tourism board.

Van de Woden says the Dutch-Australians are hoping for an experience similar to the one they had in the UK.

This will not be the first time Dutch tourists visit Australia.

Dutch tourists have been visiting the country since the 1930s.