Russia: Putin warns of ‘dire consequences’ of U.S. sanctions

Russia has warned President Vladimir Putin against “dire repercussions” from President Donald Trump’s recent sanctions, as the world braces for the potential collapse of a nuclear deal with the U.K. and a looming U.N. sanctions resolution.

In a tweet, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that Russia would be “firmly” complying with the Trump administration’s sanctions against Russia, and that Moscow would not allow any U.B.C. or U.T.O. operations to proceed.

“We will be very firmly complying with any such measures, Zakharov said, using an acronym for Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

This is a dangerous thing, we have to be very vigilant, I think we will see what’s going to happen, said Zakharoova, who was also quoted by Russia’s state news agency Tass as saying that the U