Chinese tourists may be too shy to go on tour, says author

BY SHIHEN CHENG/AFP/Getty Images The Beijing tourist industry is growing fast, and the Chinese government is encouraging them to come and visit, but it’s hard to get them to visit.

In the latest sign of the boom, a new book is being written by a Beijing resident who has become a popular tourist attraction.

“The Tourist’s Guide” is written by Zhang Li, a 27-year-old journalist from Beijing, who lives in the Chinese city and has a knack for getting tourists to visit China.

Zhang is a tourist from New York, who is studying in Shanghai and had no idea she was writing a book until she heard about it.

She says it’s really fun and inspiring.

“I like to write things like, ‘This is what it’s like to live in Beijing and you can actually get your head down and take photos,’ Zhang told CNNMoney in an interview.

The book’s cover shows a Chinese man in an overcoat holding a camera, but Zhang says it was really the other way around.

While many Chinese travel, Zhang says she doesn’t like to be the only foreigner, especially foreigners from Western countries, and often goes out to restaurants and bars to socialize with the locals.

The book comes out every year, and Zhang’s publisher, Zhonghua Publishing Group, says the sales are booming.

According to Zhang, China is the most visited country in the world, with about 200 million tourists visiting the country in 2015.

Zhang has been visiting China since she was a child, and has written several books on the city.

In her new book, Zhang talks about the tourist culture and how the Chinese culture is very different from the Western culture.

Zhu is from the U.S. and was surprised when she heard the book would be published in China, according to Zhang.

But she was thrilled when she found out that she had the right idea to write the book.”

What is it?

Zhang says the book is about the tourists and the tourist experience.”

We’re Chinese.”

Zhang says the book is about the tourists and the tourist experience.

Zheng and her boyfriend, Chen Yijun, both from New Jersey, are both working in the U., but they are passionate about traveling.

Chen says she has had more fun and happiness than she has ever had with her boyfriend.

They say they are trying to make the most of the opportunity they have here, especially because Zhang and Chen live in a city with a high rate of crime and poor public safety.

Chen said that the Chinese tourist industry has always been a niche market, and that now that there is so much tourist activity, it is becoming an important part of the economy.

Chinese tourists have been growing fast in the past few years, but there has been a recent spike in the number of cases of tourists contracting illnesses from diseases that were once rare, Zhang said.

People like Zhang have been getting the virus in the United States and China and are dying, but not in the traditional way.

“You go to a mall, you eat, you go to the mall, the mall closes, you get sick,” Zhang said, adding that the U, like the Chinese, does not want tourists to die from the virus.

“If you go, you can go and see some other people.

You can eat and go and come back.

You have a safe place.

It’s not going to be a place that is unsafe for you.”

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