How to keep your family safe during the dark tourist episodes

The dark tourist phenomenon is a real threat to travellers, with tourists leaving their homes without enough protection.

While there is no official warning, travellers have been left with no option but to travel with a lot of caution.

Here are the most common reasons tourists travel without proper protection: 1.

Travel without a tour guide 2.

Travel on a train without a map 3.

Travel with people who are in dangerous situations 4.

Travel by boat without a guide or a guide guide’s dog5.

Travel to places where there are no guides or guide dogs6.

Travel at night to avoid being picked up by wildlife7.

Travel in a dark environment without adequate lighting8.

Travel alone in the dark 9.

Travel during night-time when it is dangerous to be alone10.

Travel after dark while it is dark11.

Travel while driving in a dangerous situation12.

Travel under the influence of alcohol13.

Travel outside the UK while intoxicated14.

Travel when you are sick, injured, or have a serious illness15.

Travel as part of an international group16.

Travel where you are not normally allowed to travel17.

Travel abroad while on a holiday trip18.

Travel for commercial or commercial-type reasons19.

Travel because you are unable to travel due to health or safety concerns20.

Travel due to political or military unrest or emergency situations21.

Travel whilst in prison22.

Travel away from home23.

Travel or transport when travelling alone or when travelling to a place where there is a risk of conflict24.

Travel from abroad while visiting friends25.

Travel if you are a medical professional26.

Travel using your own funds.

This is often a more secure option.

You should also be aware that you are more vulnerable to dark tourist incidents if you travel to a tourist destination in a country that has not introduced any measures to prevent dark tourism.

The dark tourist phenomena has also made it harder for travellers to travel safely.

For example, you may not know that it is illegal to travel to any country in the world with a dark tourist episode.

This may have prevented many travellers from taking the time to research the dark tourism issue and take the time and risk to learn more about dark tourism before they travel to other countries.

If you travel in a destination where dark tourism is already a problem, this can also lead to your departure being cancelled.

It can also increase the risk of a negative incident in your local area.

This risk is even greater if you have not travelled to a dark-tourist-themed country and are returning to a destination that has dark tourism problems.

To protect yourself, you can choose a dark tour and ensure that your destination is not a dark one.

Here are some other safety tips:1.

Know your travel rules2.

Consider a dark destination as a potential dark tourist destination if you choose to stay in a hotel3.

Check your local tourism department for dark tourist information4.

Consider dark tourist-themed hotels and dark tourism events5.

Check dark tourist travel websites in advance to see if they offer tours of dark tourist destinations, such as museums or archaeological sites6.

If travelling by boat, ask your local guide or your guide’s animal companion if you can bring your own pet7.

Ask local guides about dark tourist tours and events8.

Be prepared to make arrangements to leave your destination at any time9.

Always keep a map with you at all times, even if you leave your hotel10.

Be sure to have a guide at all time, especially if you plan on travelling with your own group11.

Consider wearing dark clothing when travelling by sea, in the open sea, or on the beach, to prevent people from spotting you12.

Take extra precautions to reduce the risk that you or others in your group may become a dark visitor13.

Know how to protect yourself from potential dark tourists14.

Remember that darkness is a natural phenomenon that does not pose a threat to your safety15.

Make your own arrangements to travel in your dark location16.

Consider making your own plans for your trip17.

Always carry a personal torch or lantern18.

Know that there are places you may have to leave early if darkness is severe or you have a medical emergency19.

Take your pet to a safe place when you travel abroad20.

Be mindful of your surroundings and the nature of your travel journeyIf you are travelling to the Dark Tourist Episodes, please refer to the following: