Disneyland park in California shuts down due to flu pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Disneyland park, California’s second-largest, will close on Wednesday due to the flu pandemics, the state’s Department of Public Health said.

“Due to the pandemic, Disneyland will be temporarily closed to the public starting tomorrow, February 14, 2017, until further notice,” the statement said.

The park will remain closed until further notification.

Disneyland park in the San Francisco Bay area, which draws tourists from around the world, is a popular attraction and is not expected to reopen until February 20.

Disneyland is a California-based Disneyland park and also has an adjacent California Adventure park, the Disneyland Resort, and the Disneyland Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The influenza outbreak in Disneyland, the nation’s largest theme park, has killed about 8,500 people and forced hundreds of thousands to leave the region.

The park is in the midst of renovations and is being renovated to improve safety and security, according to a news release from the California Department of Health.