How to stay safe at a popular tourist attraction in Wakayama

You may be at risk of contracting Zika infection if you visit a popular Wakayami tourist attraction.

The city is located in southern Wakayamabe Prefecture in the southwestern part of the country, near the border with Japan.

A person who is infected with Zika and then travels to the city should immediately seek medical attention and contact the local health authority to get tested, a city spokesman said.

The city is the home of many attractions, including the Wakayaman Museum of Art, which opened in 2015.

In 2018, the city installed a Zika-free zone around the museum, which now features a large replica of a female figure with a baby on its head, according to Wakayawa City Information Department.

“We’ve been working for a long time to prevent the spread of the virus and the city has made great strides in this regard,” the spokesman said in a statement.

At least 14 people in Wakashima, in western Wakayame Prefecture, have been infected with the virus, including two people in the prefecture who have died.

It is not known whether the Wakashimas virus outbreak will spread to the nearby cities of Wakayasagi and Wakayagawa.

The number of people in Tokyo, which is also home to some popular tourist attractions including Tokyo Disneyland and the Kansai International Airport, has been decreasing, as more and more people are traveling to Japan for work or other reasons.

About 10,000 Japanese people work in the United States, according the government’s Foreign Ministry.

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Kansai, Wakayamas, Wakashishi and Wakaya were added to the list of countries with the highest incidence of Zika infections in the world.