What’s in Belize’s hottest Belize tourism attraction?

A popular tourist attraction in Belmopan has been the subject of an investigation into whether it is violating Belize Tourism’s laws, which forbid the promotion of any goods or services that might lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The National Institute of Health (INAH) launched a preliminary probe on April 10 after the Belize City Council issued a directive to prohibit the tourist attraction, the National Parks Authority (NPA) said.

The NPA said the investigation would be completed by May 15, adding that it would also investigate the case of the popular tourist place, the White House and the Belmopane Museum.

The city council ordered the NPA to conduct an investigation on the tourism attraction on April 6 and asked the agency to submit its findings by May 10.

“The investigation is ongoing,” the NPSA said in a statement on Friday.

The White House said the administration “stands by Belmopanes policies to support people living with HIV and AIDS.”

“Belize is a small country and we are proud to support our citizens living with this disease,” the White Houses press secretary, Mark Wright, said in an email.

“As we’ve said for years, the U.S. will not be bullied into putting up barriers to help protect our people and families.

Belize is proud to have a diverse and inclusive population, including LGBT and LGBTQI individuals and families.”

Belizean officials are now asking tourists to be aware of Belize laws on travel and the country’s tourism industry.

“Our government has a long history of standing for the rights of its citizens to engage in tourism and to enjoy their natural environment,” the city council said in its statement on Thursday.

“If people want to visit Belmopanias attractions, we will not stop them.

Belmopans laws protect our environment and promote tourism.”