How to travel through Greece’s tourism attractions in 2017

Greece’s tourist boards and hotels are scrambling to find ways to attract tourists in the wake of a series of attacks and riots in recent weeks.

The government has called for people to avoid crowded areas such as bars, restaurants and shopping malls as security is heightened in the country, which has been hit by an influx of migrants from Turkey.

The tourism board in Athens said on Monday that it was introducing new rules to ensure the safety of the tourists who are staying in hotels, bars, public transport and restaurants.

It is also making new rules for hotels and bars, including banning them from displaying pictures of the attacks and asking them to display their official identity cards.

The ministry said that it will also introduce new rules that will help to control the number of people arriving in Greece and reduce the number and intensity of criminal acts committed.

The Greek Ministry of Interior said on Tuesday that it has opened an investigation into a series for a possible act of terrorism in the Greek capital on Sunday, the day after a suicide bomber killed six people.

The attack, which authorities say was motivated by the “Turkish invasion”, also injured six people and left three dead.