How to get your photo taken with chinese tourist attractions

The chinese tourism industry in Brazil has been booming for years.

And as the country gets wealthier, there are more Chinese tourists visiting the country than ever before.

A new survey by The Associated Press found that Brazilians are more likely to say they visit tourist attractions than any other nation in the world, and a huge number of them have come from China.

The AP found that 40% of Chinese tourists in Brazil said they’d visited at least one tourist attraction this year, up from 26% last year.

There are more than 7 million Chinese tourists traveling in Brazil, according to data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, up nearly 17% from 2016.

More than two-thirds of them come from the Beijing area, with the rest from the southern coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, the AP reported.

Some Chinese visitors to Brazil are drawn to the beaches, beaches, and beaches that attract millions of Chinese visitors each year.

But they’re also attracted by the food, the culture, and the people.

A lot of Chinese are coming for the food.

And a lot of them are coming to see the people,” said Ren Yang, an international travel agent who’s based in Rio de Paula.

Ren Yang has been working with Chinese tourists to Rio de Sao Paulo, the country’s most populous city, for the past few years.

His company, Lotte, is trying to lure more Chinese into the city by selling its popular Chinese-themed restaurants and bars.

Ren, who was born in China, said Chinese visitors tend to be more social, friendly, and have a sense of humor, which can be contagious in a city like Rio de Paulo.

Chinese visitors are also drawn to Rio’s historic, sprawling neighborhoods, where there’s a lot more to explore than a beach or a restaurant.

The Chinese community in Rio has grown to nearly 1.5 million, according the Brazilian government.

Chinese tourists have been known to stay longer than tourists from other countries, and they’re often staying in large hotels.

The number of Chinese residents in Brazil rose to over 3 million last year, the highest level in the nation’s history, according data from Rio de América, the national government agency for tourism and tourism development.

The new poll shows that China is the second-most popular country of origin for Chinese tourists, ahead of the United States.

Ren said his Chinese clients are mostly interested in eating at restaurants and taking pictures with people. “

The people are really happy and they are coming back,” Ren said.

Ren said his Chinese clients are mostly interested in eating at restaurants and taking pictures with people.

There’s also a lot to do in Rio, including museums, shopping malls, and nightlife.

But the Chinese are also more interested in cultural activities.

“In terms of culture, there is a lot for Chinese to do,” Ren added.

For example, Chinese tourists can learn Brazilian and Brazilian-themed dance.

They can also learn Brazilian songs, such as “La Gente” by a Brazilian singer.

Ren added that he’s been able to get a few Chinese students interested in Brazilian-related subjects through his Lotte company.

He hopes that Chinese tourists will stay in Brazil for longer than their American counterparts.