Which countries have the best tourist destinations in China?

New data from China’s Ministry of Tourism shows that the Chinese are the most interested in tourist destinations on the continent, with the Philippines leading the way with 29% of their overall visits to the country.

The data from the Ministry’s National Tourism Administration shows that Filipinos spend over $9 billion annually in China, accounting for the bulk of their international travel.

However, they only account for 3% of all Chinese tourists, which makes up a small percentage of the total Chinese population.

China has become an increasingly popular destination for international tourists, thanks to its booming tourism industry.

As of last year, Chinese tourists accounted for an estimated 10% of the world’s total tourism revenue, according to research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

China also continues to see a spike in Chinese visitors, with over 10 million Chinese tourists visiting the country in 2016, according a recent report from research firm Deloitte.

The report stated that Chinese visitors account for more than 90% of foreign direct investment in China.

According to the National Tourism Authority, tourism in China is a major contributor to the national economy, and China’s economy is expected to grow by 10.6% this year, up from 9.3% last year.

The study found that Chinese tourists are spending a staggering $11.2 billion in China each year, with many Chinese visitors spending over $1,000 for a trip.

In the year of 2017, Chinese visitors spent an estimated $10.2 trillion, which made up almost 40% of China’s gross domestic product, according the National Travel Agency.

The National Tourism Board has also released a series of data that show the Chinese government is also heavily involved in international tourism.

China has become a major tourism destination for many internationals, including the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and others.

The data also showed that China’s foreign direct investments in the United Kingdom are expected to rise by $1.2bn to $1 trillion, as the UK is a key destination for Chinese tourists.

China’s tourism industry is growing in both dollars and tourists, with Chinese visitors purchasing $7.5 trillion worth of goods in 2016.

In addition, Chinese tourism accounts for about 9% of tourism spending in the world.

According a report released by Deloise, China’s growth in tourism is set to accelerate in the coming years as the country’s economy grows and more people return home.

With an estimated 1.7 billion people in China by 2030, tourism is expected increase by over 8% annually by that point.

China’s total economic output is expected hit an estimated 5.3 trillion by 2030.