Police: Man arrested for allegedly attempting to rape tourists at BALTIMORE’s iconic White House

Police are searching for a man who allegedly attempted to rape a tourist on the White House grounds.

The man, who police said was armed and dangerous, was spotted walking on the grounds with a backpack at around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, according to police.

“He was wearing an all-black suit and carrying a backpack,” a police spokesman told The Baltimore Sun.

“He was trying to sneak into the White Houses grounds, which is the most secure area.”

Police said the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Nicholas Alexander, is a white male who has no criminal history.

He was wearing a white jacket and black pants, the police spokesman said.

Police said he was arrested by officers from the Maryland State Police’s Gang Task Force at around 6:30 p.ms. in a park adjacent to the White and Jefferson Jefferson Streets.

A statement from the WhiteHouse.gov said the President, First Lady Melania Trump and Secretaries of State John Kerry and Condoleezza Rice were briefed by President Donald Trump and his Cabinet on the incident.

Read more about the Whitehouse.gov statement below.

UPDATE: According to The Sun, police have identified the suspect as Alexander.

BREAKING: Police have identified man who attempted to sexually assault tourist at White House, police say.

@BaltimoreSun — The Baltimore News (@BaltimoreSun) August 31, 2019 According to The Washington Post, the suspect is white, has a history of mental health issues and is believed to have been living in Maryland since the 1990s.

Earlier reports said he tried to sneak onto the White house grounds but was stopped by police.

A second witness told local media that the suspect told him he was trying “to sneak into a Secret Service area” but was arrested.

In the statement, the White houses said: “It is a sad day for Baltimore’s citizens when an individual would attempt to rape and assault tourists.

We are grateful for the quick actions of our law enforcement partners and hope the victim will soon be able to return to his normal life.”