“Cuba is one of the worst places to be a tourist”

Cuba is one to be avoided in tourist attire, according to an article published by the Miami Herald.

The article, entitled “Cabrillo, Havana’s Worst,” details a series of crimes committed by foreign tourists and a series involving foreign nationals.

It also highlights a series a foreign tourists who were harassed by local authorities in the tourist resort city of Cabrillo.

The articles is not based on official data, but it was written by the writer and an associate of the author.

According to the Herald article, there are over 2,000 crimes committed against foreigners in Cuba, of which the most common is that of the tourist.

This is a crime that occurs on a daily basis, including assaults and robberies, drug possession, prostitution, theft and drug sales.

It is also said that Cuban authorities have been targeting foreign tourists in order to catch and arrest them for crimes.

The crimes are committed by tourists who do not speak the local language.

In a statement, the Herald said the article is based on an interview with an unnamed tourist.

The Herald said it has “received and verified” the story.

In its statement, The Herald claimed the article “does not provide any basis to claim that Cuba is the most dangerous place for tourists.”

The Herald also stated that the article was based on a false statement made by the author, which was later found to be untrue.

The report also claimed that it was made “in the interest of the American people.”

The story, which also stated a number of crimes are perpetrated against foreign tourists, was not included in a previous story published by CNN, which had also not linked the crimes against tourists to the island.

CNN had not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

The story also claimed tourists are being arrested in Cabrilo by the Cuban government for the “most serious crimes” such as drug trafficking.

The same reporter was quoted as saying that tourists “who are caught doing anything illegal in Cuba are often put in jail and tortured.”

According to CNN, the story said “there are more than 10,000 tourists currently in jail in Cuba” for drug trafficking, prostitution and other crimes.

CNN has not responded directly to CNN.

A number of news organizations have reported on the issue of tourists being arrested for crimes in Cuba.

The Associated Press reported on March 3 that “a U.S. citizen arrested in Cuba for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs is charged with attempting to smuggLEVATE drugs across the border.

U.N. diplomats are also in the country illegally.”

In February, a British tourist was arrested for allegedly attempting to flee to Mexico.

The man, from London, was charged with trying to flee for drugs after he was arrested at an airport in Cuba.

“CNN’s report cited the Herald’s report.

A Miami Herald article published on April 12, 2016, said the country’s tourism industry is struggling due to the rise in foreign tourists.

It said there are currently about 2,300 foreign tourists visiting Cuba annually.

This number is down from about 2.7 million in 2016, according the Herald.